Actor, Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock in March 2022 at the 94th Academy Awards. Just recently, Will Smith initiated a video apology to Chris Rock, via video message. Will Smith had attended the Academy Awards with wife Jada Pinkett-Smith

The slap occurred after Chris Rock made a remark on-stage about Smith’s wife being the next GI Jane, referencing her shaved head, which she did due to her alopecia condition. Jada Pinkett-Smith seemed to grimace, when the camera panned to her, but the audience, including Will Smith were laughing. It was when Will looked at his wife, that the smile came off, Jada Pinkett-Smith mouthed something to Will, and Will proceeded to get up and walk up to Chris Rock on stage where he open-hand slap the comedian. Will nonchallantly strode back to his seat, but not before yelling, “Keep my wife’s name out your f*cking mouth!” to Chris Rock.

Months later, Will issued a video apology, but Chris Rock is not ready to respond. Will apologized to the comedian, his mother, and the comedian’s brother, Tony Rock. This came after Will Smith received a 10-year ban from attending the Oscars. Is Will Smith’s apology authentic? I have to commend him on apologizing to his mother, as I know Will’s mother is very important to him.

This is my personal opinion, so take this as you will…I do not condone how Will conducted himself. Violence was NOT the answer to this issue AT. ALL. Will, in the months prior to the Oscars, had released a self-titled biography called Will, where he went into vivid detail of being a product of an abusive father and a victimized mother. I believe that his first instinct was to protect, as he had always done growing up. However, I also feel Will is a victim to Jada, who seems very abusive and controlling in her own right. I follow Will Smith on several social media outlets and videos have surfaced where Jada is hounding Will to answer questions and he is clearly becoming agitated and walking away, only to have Jada relentlessly following him. I also know that it has been acknowledged that they share an “open” relationship, but that she is seen publicly with her “third wheel” is pretty brazen — almost in a bragging sort of way. If they have this agreement, that is between them, but her public image and portayal of their public image together just seems arrogant and rude. No respect is conveyed whatsoever! That look that she gave him after Chris Rock’s, to me, looked like coercive control…

So, do YOU, the reader think his apology is legitimate or just “going through the motions?”