SPEAK this out loud to yourself, as many times as is needed! Speaking affirmations aloud and with meaning can help a person change their mindset and intentions! Speak it several times in a row or daily, to drive the point home!

I allow myself to rise above the challenges by being proactive.

Challenges in life are inevitable and I am not afraid of them. I know that I am smart and that I was given the ability to plan and problem-solve by my Creator.

I take an active role in my own life. I let go of the idea that I am a victim of my circumstances. Instead, I use my God-given power of intelligence to plan strategies ahead of time that help me deal with the bumps in my road.

Because I am an intelligent adult, I have the freedom to change my circumstance if I find them unacceptable. No one is forcing me to stay in challenging situations. I stay because I choose to do so, or I leave because I feel it is best. Either way, the choice is mine.

I let go of impulsive reactivity. I know that I am in charge of my own life. I draw strength from the knowledge I have within me to face each challenge. Because I am confident of this, I can face each new situation calmly and reflectively, making decisions based on what I know to be best. If I do not know about something I am facing, I have the right to take time and research and reflect, and reserve judgment for later.

If I need help in sorting through my thoughts and options, I am not afraid to ask for help from those who have lived longer or experienced more of life. Doing so is a sign of maturity, not weakness, and is an important part of my decision to live intelligently.

– Laura Moseley

Please think about and write down your personal answers to the following questions:

  • Am I proactive or reactive when faced with challenges?
  • How can I let go of feeling like a victim and start accepting control of my life? 
  • Who will I confide in when I need help making wise choices?

Writing and owning the answers to the questions above will help you change your thinking and, ultimately, how you react to facing challenges!

I will not make excuses! “I shall find a way, or I will make one!” – General Hannibal