NOTE: Please read today’s proclamation from the White House here.

What the heck is Women’s Equality Day, anyway? Well, it’s the celebration of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote in the United States. On this day in 1920, women won a huge victory, affording them the right to vote alongside men.

Even though I was born in the 1970s, I have seen sexism in action, first-hand. As soon as I turned eighteen years of age, I voted and have voted in every election available to me ever since. I do not want to lose any opportunities to exercise this right! I feel like it would be blasphemous to suffragettes, who toiled so tirelessly for over 100 years!

Suffragettes are the women who fought for that right and they risked SO much. They sacrificed their health, their sanity, the custody of their children, their marriages and/or relationships, and their social standings — all that women were allowed to possess at that time. Many were jailed for their tenacity. During that time period “disgrace” was so much of a big thing that rippled through families, they would then be ridiculed and shunned by their loved ones. Many were financially ruined or locked away. Tragic! Brave! Selfless!

I guess I reflect on it often, especially with Roe v. Wade being recently overturned. Women’s rights are still in a positive mode, but it very much feels like we’ve taken a step backward. Ruth Bader Ginsberg would be appalled, if she were still alive!

Regardless, there are so many serious issues still to be pushed for and decided, such as domestic abuse laws — much like “Laura’s Law” that I am pushing for in Indiana. We as women MUST petition and vote to keep our rights moving forward; because, if we stand still, we lose our rights. We, like sharks, must keep moving forward to live and succeed! Plus, those who don’t vote, do not get the luxury of complaining about those in leadership…I mean, right? No matter how one votes, you at least stood for something!

If you haven’t already, please sign my petition! Be the change you wish to see in this world and pay that forward! Also, don’t forget to check your voter registration to make sure you’re good to go in November!

#girlpower #votesforwomen