When I entered this Survivor journey, I lost A LOT of people who were my so-called “friends.” But, you see, they weren’t really. They were people that seemed to be, but when things got tough, they bailed. Or they decided that my Ex-Abuser was really the one to follow. Or they heard the gossip that his flying monkeys were spreading and believed it. Or they just couldn’t deal with the drama and cut me out. Either way, the trash took itself out. It took me a while to see it that way, but once I did I was transformed!

Entering this lonely journey, you start meeting true people, who become true friends. You don’t have time for fakers anymore, you want genuine people who want to be there. I found such a friend in another survivor and I am so blessed that God made us cross paths.

Once I started blogging, I also decided to do public speaking too. I started becoming a guest on podcasts to talk about my story and I am across the I am a Survivor Podcast some how. I reached out to the podcaster, Misty Chaviers, and she did get back with me, but had to put me off for a while. She had other speakers in front of me, so I put on my calendar to message her back about three months later. I reached out again, about three or four months later, and we were able to connect. When I finally did have an opportunity to speak with her and be recorded, I choked. No, I literally got choked up, which never happens to me, and I butchered the recording, coughing on and off all the way through!

I realize most podcasters have very busy, packed schedules, so I figured that I had blown that opportunity. Quite the contrary! She rescheduled with me and allowed me to re-do my interview! I have to say, that second interview was one of the best interviews that I’ve done, to date. She didn’t have to give me another chance, but she did, which I believe shows her true caring character. Interviewing with her was not really an interview, but more like a conversation between friends at a coffee shop. We had so much in common, as we talked before and after the recording! I am proud to say that we’ve kept in contact and have become great friends! We share opportunities with one another and encourage one another. She is the real deal! She is a survivor and an advocate, as well as an ardent professional!

You all HAVE to check out her podcast, I’m A Survivor: here. She has phenomenal guests that have to do with all aspects of domestic abuse: survivors, therapists, motivational people, advocates — the list is infinite! She’s an incredible speaker herself and is award-nominated and award-winning. You really must check it out. Besides, you can thank me later, it’s THAT good!