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I’d probably automatically say “Happy Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day,” but that wouldn’t be right…actually, it would be down right insulting…there is NOTHING happy about narcissistic abuse and going through it…unless the happy part is that you survived it…except that you’re still angry that you had to go through it in the first place…*sigh*

I am happy to report that about a month ago, I won ‘Narcissist Trivia Night’ when interacting with the Healing the Wound group over Zoom. That was great fun! Sadly, I won that trivia contest because I lived with a nightmare…but, you know, I’m competitive and there was no retribution for being right…I had to go for it!

Today, I had the privilege of doing a great interview with Claire O’Leary and The Empowered Voice podcast LIVE, in her “Building Resillience for Survivors” series! We had a great conversation of my domestic abuse and sexual abuse survival, as well as what it was like being married to a narcissist. I couldn’t think of a better way of honoring the day!

Lastly, NAAD wouldn’t be complete without my former abuser texting me to tell me that his oldest brother, my children’s uncle, had just had a massive heart attack and died. My Ex wanted me to break the news to the kids. I did that, because he just lost his brother…however, how impersonal is this on a level from 1 to 10…because I feel like it’s like at 2000…I’m always made to be the “bad guy”…SMH…