***NOTE: this post was supposed to “autopublish” and was scheduled for May 2nd. I apologize for its lateness and for technical difficulties!***

I wanted to apologize to my readers for not writing for literally two months…I needed time to think and reflect and get my head straight. I’ve had A LOT going on personally and needed to rest and recover and recoup.

My Mom has stopped her cancer treatments, because she is not getting any better. I am at a loss…I feel like I should mourn this but she is still here with us, so I will celebrate her and love her and get as much time in with her as I can. Next, my teenage son has decided he HATES school, but he is also on the Autism spectrum and is being bullied, so I am still getting him to school regardless. He is not making it easy and it is starting to affect my full-time job by me barely getting to work on time or a few minutes late even. If you know me at all, I am normally on-time or early, working as much overtime as I am allowed (since I am the only one at my house working). While these may not seem like big things, they ARE big things to me and I’m trying to get everything back into an order — if it ever really was in the first place.

I posted for the first time yesterday and it felt AMAZING! Writing is my therapy. I should have been writing all along, but writing does take some time commitment. I really am trying to carve out more time to do this. My plan is to post every day, but at least four times per week. I am going to sit down and type up as many blog posts as I can, so I can schedule them throughout the week. This is the cornerstone of my advocacy and I assure you all that I haven’t given up on that!

I’m so glad I’m back on track! Love and light! <3