I’ve noticed that I have more creativity and more clarity, the longer I have been free from domestic abuse. With that being said, I also try to find positive things to see in the world, as I realize that we, as a society, tend to focus on negatives or just generally complain. If something seems negative or uncomfortable, I try to reframe the situation or negative aspect. It’s all about perspective!

Over the this past summer, I noticed the same man riding up and down the state road we live on, on a crotch-rocket motorcycle MUCH to small for him. He is a large stature fellow, to say the least, with a nearly bald head and is darker complected. I am not judging him nor body shaming him, but he is a truly BIG guy. In fact, he looks just like the “happy Buddha.” He is always happy and waves, so I cannot help but look for him. It’s odd to say, but seeing his unbridled joy in riding his motorcycle, albeit one that is too small (but maybe all that he has), brings me happiness.

My BF and I call him Buddha, out of respect of course, and mainly because we really don’t know his true name. We sit on the porch and enjoy the outdoors a lot, so we call out if we see him. He rides by himself, as well as within a group, usually as the “caboose.” He rides at all times of the day and evening, smiling and waving from time to time. I just love the look of pure happiness and freedom on his face. It’s what I aspire to as a survivor!

My wish for you, dear reader, is for you to find your Zen! I think I have found mine in advocacy and writing. Namaste!