I have been watching Loki, the mini-series on Netflix. I enjoy comic books and the associated movies, but the character Loki is really resonating with me lately. He has been a “person of interest” to me since his appearance in the Marvel Avenger movies. He has previously been portrayed as a villain, but I now think that Marvel is starting to spin him as an anti-hero. Not sure how I feel about THAT, but here’s my insights on Loki as villain: reader, please read on.

I reallly do like the actor who portrays him, Tom Hiddleston. I’m a big fan of his portrayl of Loki and other movies he has been in, like War Horse. He’s good looking and charismatic — but those are all things that make Loki what he truly is: a narcissist. And Tom plays these things to the hilt!

If you don’t know, Loki is the Norse god of mischief. A trickster, a joker, meanness personified. Sound familiar? In the Series Episode 4, Loki even verbally acknowledges that he’s a narcissist and a bisexual. Well, wouldn’t you figure that the God of Mischief had to play both sides? That makes TOTAL sense!

In the series, Loki is currently dealing with the TVA organization, who is protecting the sacred timeline by ousting him as a “variant.” However, Loki isn’t having it. He’s convinced it doesn’t exist, despite the agent who is assigned to him showing him otherwise. One can never convince a narcissist that they are wrong, even after showing them infallible evidence. Ever.

Loki is arrogant and vain, but seems to get away with some things due to being handsome and facially animated. He seems to show remorse and insight, so much so that those around him are softened into trusting him — only to be wronged by Loki later, many times using the victims as human shields or sacrifices for his own benefit. This is sounding WAY too close to home! Yet he does it time and time again! The charisma of a narcissist is what draws people and they choose who they show it to. When you think they’re being vulnerable, they may be, but they can “flip the script” and literally screw you or make you look stupid and incompetent. Loki is merely reading the room and mirroring. He is clever, but not as clever as he thinks. Once family members are wise to the manipulation and false bravado, the distrust and “worse case scenario” thinking start to prevail.

Loki’s smooth talking ways are also what can get him back into his victim’s good graces. He seemingly smooth talks other villains, pledging his allegiance, as he also does with the Avengers and his own family. “Playing both sides” is common with Narcs. Loki is articulate and can alter the tone of his voice to mirror whatever emotion he is faking. I’ve also noticed, after watching these movies again and again, how he talks in circles and NEVER answers the questions directly. Hmmmm, I think I might have experienced this before…

Jealousy is another narc trait that Loki shows quite often. He is jealous of his brother Thor, especially where their mother is concerned. Their mother loves both of her sons, but is definitely aware of what Loki’s personality defects are and what he can be capable of. You can see the struggle within Thor concerning his brother: he loves him, but cannot stand him. He starts out trying to protect him, but then has to reluctantly battle against him and eventually distance himself. Loki’s jealousy spikes once he finds he’s adopted and thinks that his mother prefers Thor all the more. It doesn’t help that Thor has the cut and the look of a god, where as Loki is smaller and dark in appearance.

I guess after wronging Thor and the Avengers, watching Hulk pick up Loki and flail him against the floor multiple times like a rag doll WAS pretty satisfying! I feel kind of guilty about that, but I feel like we all know a narcissist that has some things coming to them. I like to think of Hulk as karma. “Puny god.” Yes, Hulk, narcs really are…